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About Valhalla Dive Group


Valhalla Dive Group (VDG) was founded to provide adaptive SCUBA diving instruction to military service members and first responders (e.g. law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, etc.) who have been injured in the line of duty. 

Through “Adaptive Diving”, our students are able to explore the beauty and wonder beneath the ocean surface. Our veterans tell us that being underwater is therapeutic physically and emotionally. Additionally, the camaraderie among divers provides a sense of tribe to individuals too often enduring isolation caused by PTSD. 


Adaptive Diving is a specialty certification for which the Instructional Staff at VDG is formally trained to provide and differs from the standard Open Water Diver certification offered by the various dive certification agencies, such as PADI, NAUI, SSI, et al.

Our motto, Fortuna audaces iuvat...


"Diving is the only time I don't feel any pain."   Adaptive veteran diver

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