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Diver Training

VDG welcomes all dive students, veteran and non-veteran alike. 

Diving is a buddy sport, every diver benefits from having a competent dive buddy at their side. And like the military, life's better when someone is watching your six.

All students begin by enrolling in the Scuba Diving International (SDI) Open Water Diver eLearning course and then moving on to Confined Water to train on diver skills in a pool environment. 

An academic review of students' eLearning is conducted to ensure their thorough understanding of dive fundamentals. Students then proceed to Certification Dives, demonstrating their proficiency in diving skills in an Open Water (ocean) environment.

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Divers, depending on their individual abilities, can earn an SDI Open Water Diver rating or- in the case of divers having some physical limitations- an SDI Scubility (Adaptive) Diver rating.

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