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Most scholarships are for Local Training (LT) in the Pacific Northwest Region, i.e. Oregon and Washington State. 


We also conduct Destination Training (DT) on the Dutch island of Bonaire in the south Caribbean.

Priority for DT scholarships is to candidates with conditions such as spinal cord injuries (SCI) or amputation(s), who would benefit from the less challenging training conditions.



Military Veterans

 Nature of Discharge

      Honorable, or

      General -Honorable Conditions    

 Service-Related Disability

      Rating of 50% or more

 Medically Cleared for training           

 For Destination Training

      A passport valid at least 6 months

           after scheduled training dates           

First Responders    

Nature of Retirement

     Honorable Service  

Line of Duty Disability

     Rating of 50% or more

Medically Cleared for training    

For Destination Training

     A passport valid at least 6 months

          after scheduled training dates

Selection of scholarship recipients begins with a determination that the applicant meets Program Eligibility Standards. Next, each applicant’s essay questions are evaluated by the Selection Committee.

Additional factors that could influence the Committee are: geographic location of the applicant; likelihood the scholarship recipient would become an active member of the local dive community; and, the estimated benefit to be realized to the applicant relative to other applicants.

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